Ocean Passages

The ultimate mile builder experience. 

From the cold gale force wind of the Southern Ocean to the warm and smooth ride in the trades, you are guaranteed varied sailing conditions and some navigational challenges en route. For those seeking to gain miles and offshore experience for Yachtmaster certification this is an invaluable experience.

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What to expect onboard Eve

During the passage, you will learn to master:

  • Pilotage and passage planning
  • Watch systems and leading
  • Boat handling in all conditions
  • Sail planning and trim
  • Safety equipment and procedures
  • Offshore navigation 
  • Preparing for heavy weather
  • Man overboard procedures
  • Watch keeping/night passages
  • Crew management and the role of the skipper

No formal qualifications are required however for any ocean passage more than 600 miles, we are asking that all crew have completed at least a 200 mile ocean passage without seasickness.

We will organise 3 days of training to familiarise the crew with the yacht, safety equipment and procedures, and role on board. We also recommend you complete an Offshore Safety and Sea Survival course before you go. Please contact us for further information.

We will be 3 experienced professional sailors onboard who will gladly take your offshore sailing skills to the next level. We are here because we want to share our love of the open sea on one of the best ocean boats ever built.

Come aboard Eve and experience the thrill of surfing with 37 tons of boat, or the bliss of gliding in the trades at a constant 10 knots of boat speed effortlessly.

Challenge Package

Your crew package includes:

  • all meals onboard
  • accommodation onboard
  • your Eve crew shirt
  • marina fees
  • the use of a PFD (personal floatation device), PLB (personal locator beacon) and a safety tether
  • your bedding, a pillow and towel is also included along with suncream.

Your crew package excludes:

  • accommodation ashore
  • meals ashore
  • flights and transport to and from departure and arrival ports and visas
  • alcohol
  • toiletries
  • clothing and wet weather gear - Contact us for preferential prices with our partner Zhik Australasia
  • Fuel, which will be recharged at cost on arrival at the destination port.

It’s always recommended that you book flights with date flexibility in case of unforeseen changes due to weather or schedules. 

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