Gambier Islands to Tahiti via Austral Islands

Gambier Islands
900 nm
Start Time:
22 April 2022
Finish Time:
07 May 2022
Availability: 6 places, 1 booked, 5 available

Gambier Islands to Tahiti via Austral Islands 

This is the last of three legs on our journey from Sydney to Tahiti. Join us just for this leg or combine several or complete the full passage to Tahiti with us.

  • Starting from Mangareva Marina
  • Finish at Papeete in Tahiti
  • Stop at Austral Islands
  • Distance: 900 nm
  • Duration: 15 days / 22 Apr – 07 May
  • Price: AUD 2,850 per person or AUD 12,000 for the yacht
  • Our Crew: includes three experienced ocean sailors and a cook.
  • Your Crew: up to 5 people with some offshore sailing experience.
  • Includes 2 days pre-start training, full passage, safety gear, food.
  • Excludes : fuel which will be recharged at cost (max $500 pp)

If you decide to join us for the final Leg, you can fly to Totegegie Airport in Mangareva on or before the 22nd of Apr. If you are joining the crew in the Gambier Islands, no formal qualifications are required, we will familiarise you with the yacht, systems and safety equipment while cruising around the archipelago. We also recommend you complete an Offshore Safety and Sea Survival course before you go. Please contact us for further information. For the crew present during the 1st leg who are keen in continuing with us, you will be staying onboard and enjoy exploring the remote Islands.

We will aim to depart (subject to weather) Mangareva on the 24th of Apr. Once arrived on the Austral Islands, we will take around 5 days to explore the archipelago and we will aim to leave on the 04th of May. Final stop in Tahiti arrival on the 07th of May 2022. 

We will be 3 professional sailors onboard who will gladly take your offshore sailing skills to the next level. We are here because we want to share our love of the ocean on one of the best ocean boats ever built.

Are you ready for a life changing adventure?

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We offer a 20% discount for the two legs (so you’ll pay AUD 6,200 total).