Tahiti to New Caledonia via Tonga and Fiji

3000 nm
Start Time:
01 September 2010
Finish Time:
01 September 2010

Tahiti to New Caledonia via Tonga and Fiji / 01 Sep – 01 Oct 20 / 3000 nm / 5 crew positions available

You will have the choice to complete the entire Tahiti to New Caledonia Passage with us or decide to fly back home either during one of our stops in Tonga or Fiji.

For those seeking to gain miles and offshore experience for Yachtmaster certification this is an invaluable experience.

We are planning on stopping in Tonga and Fiji for a few days, to break down the trip and explore around. This passage should be a fantastic downwind run in the warm tradewinds, wearing shorts and t-shirts on deck at night travelling over 200 miles a day.

This passage will be divided in 3 legs:

  • Leg 1: TAHITI // TONGA - 1500 nm
  • Leg 2: TONGA // FIJI - 750 nm
  • Leg 3: FIJI // NEW CALEDONIA - 750 nm

No formal qualifications are required however, we are asking that all crew have completed at least a 500 mile ocean passage without seasickness. We will organise 2 days of training to familiarise the crew with the yacht, safety equipment and procedures, and role on board. We also recommend you complete an Offshore Safety and Sea Survival course before you go. Please contact us for further information.

We will be 3 experienced professional sailors onboard who will gladly take your offshore sailing skills to the next level. We are here because we want to share our love of the ocean on one of the best ocean boats ever built.

Are you ready for a life changing adventure?

We have 5 crew positions available. Sign up for a single leg, combine several or complete the full passage to Noumea with us.