Race sponsorship

Although Eve is an older classic yacht, she is still highly competitive in offshore IRC/ORC handicap races because she’s got a fantastic rating.  Aside from that, there’s probably no more comfortable ocean racer on which to do your race.  Eve is available for short / medium ocean race sponsorship such as the Sydney-Hobart race, the Sydney-Southport race, Pittwater-Coffs harbour race and others.  Unlike harbour charters, there are minimum crew experience and qualification requirements for ocean races.  These crew experience requirements are imposed by the AYF for good reason - ocean races are much more risky than harbour cruising.  Eve can take up to 14 crew on an ocean race (including at least two professional crew from our team).  At least 50% of the crew (including our two) must have ocean passage experience similar to the race and must have a current safety and sea survival certificate (SSSC).  

Sponsorship fees for ocean races are $8000 per race day (eg typically 3 days for a Sydney Sourthport race) and $3000 per return delivery day.  These fees are higher than normal charters because there is a much higher risk of equipment damage and the corresponding insurance premium and excess is much higher.  Contact us to discuss your plans for short ocean racing on Eve.

Relevant Documents


You can add your corporate brand to Eve’s hull, mainsail, and spinnaker as shown in the photo below.  Cost depends on the size and complexity of your logo and will be recharged at cost.  Budget about $2,000 for each position - so $6000 if you want logo on hull, mainsail, and spinnaker.

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