Double Handed back to the Med

Eve off the coast of Portugal charging South

 The Fastnet being over, the boat had to go back to the Med where Fraser was to meet us in Ibiza  mid September. Meg and I took on the adventure double handed and were blessed with the best weather you can expect, 12 to 15 knots downwind from cherbourg to Gibraltar, with a few stops along the way.
In Concarneau where we got to visit my friend Yannick who showed us around the Mer Concept factory, Sagres and Faro in Portugal, Gibraltar and then finally Formentera. 

We got there right in time as we copped 3 days of 25/35 knots easterly at anchor as soon as we arrived, which offered perfect kitesurfing playground instead of beating against it from Gibraltar. 

We were lucky enough not to run into orcas pods which have been a major concern going up and down the Portuguese coast. 

Double handed often means solo on deck , so we got creative with the sail configuration. We found that instead of playing around with spinnakers flying the code zero, using our main boom as an outrigger for the sheet worked really well. Its filled mostly by the deflected wind of the poled out headsail and got us a good speed while sailing low angles. If the wind picked up , only having to  furl the zero made it quite safe. 

Meg Niblett, Oct 2023