Terms & Conditions

General :

  1. All charters include two crew that will ensure the safety of guests and the boat. “Eve” is a large and complex yacht and so is not available for bare boat charter. However, the crew will be delighted to help you learn to sail or, if you are already an experienced sailor, will support you in sailing the yacht. 
  2. Swanning Around reserves the right to make changes or cancel to the advertised programme as are necessary due to unavoidable circumstances.
  3. Swanning Around is not responsible for the costs of any other travel arrangements affected due to our cancellation or rescheduling of a cruise, race or passage.
  4. Throughout the duration of any event we may take photographic or video images of you and your guests. You acknowledge and consent to our use of any photographic or video image of you and your guests for marketing and promotional purposes. If you do not agree to our use of any photographic or video image of you or your guests, you must tell us before the commencement of your event.
  5. On day charters, water, tea, coffee and light snacks are complementary.  For additional food and drink, you can either arrange your own catering or let us know 48 hours in advance and we will arrange catering that suit you need. Dietary requirements must be requested at the time of booking.
  6. For multi-day charters, diesel fuel and marina fees (if applicable) are charged in addition.
  7. Payment:
    1. To secure a booking you need to make a payment. A 50% deposit is required for all bookings with the remaining 50% to be paid at least 7 days before your start date.
    2. If final payment has not been received 2 days prior to the event date, the booking will be deemed as cancelled and there will be no refunds for any monies paid.
  8. Cancellations:
    1. Cancellation up to 7 days before the event will incur a 20% cancellation fee, which is deducted from your deposit.
    2. Cancellation within 7 days of event will incur a full payment of account, unless there is a waitlist booking that can take your place (in which case we will refund your booking fee).
  9. In the unlikely event of a cancellation by Swanning Around a full refund will be made and Swanning Around will not be liable for any consequential loss or damage.
  10. You are recommended to take out insurance to cover cancellation due to medical or other unavoidable causes.
  11. You are required to hold medical insurance for the period of your course or event unless your activity is wholly within your country of residence and you are entitled to unlimited medical treatment by virtue of your residency status.
  12. Severe weather: In the event that severe weather forces us to cancel the charter, we will offer either a full refund or a re-booking at no additional charge. Severe weather means that severe thunderstorms or winds in excess of 30 kts are forecast for a significant proportion of the charter period.
  13. All safety equipment is provided as appropriate for the charter event in accordance with Yachting Australia category 7 (harbour day sails) to category 1 (Sydney-Hobart race) requirements. However, guests should bring their own wet weather gear if the charter includes offshore sailing.
  14. You agree to comply with Swanning Around operating procedures issued for your event.
  15. Long ocean passages and ocean races are inherently dangerous activities. We take great care to provide a well maintained and very safe boat and a very experienced crew. We also ensure that all crew are trained and familiar with safety equipment and procedures before every passage. However passages and races are undertaken at your own risk and all crew will be required to sign an online version of this disclaimer before embarking on a passage or race with us.
  16. Whilst we make every effort to safeguard our guests, we cannot be responsible for any damage, personal injury or loss due to the actions of passengers that are beyond our control.
  17. You can read the Swanning Around Privacy Policy for information on how we handle your personal data


Ocean Racing:

1. 50% deposit needs to be paid by each crew member to secure their spot onboard. Failure to do so might result in your spot being filled.

2. In the event of a race cancelation, AUD500 will be charged to cover for each training that the racing team completed prior to the race cancellation, the remaining will be refunded to you.

Each training is compulsory and will be considered completed even if you didn’t attend. Unless the travel restrictions in place at the time of the training doesn’t allow you to participate in which case you will be exempt for the training fee.

3. Cancellation up to 1 month before the event will incur a 20% cancellation fee deducted from your deposit unless there is a waitlist booking that can take your place (in which case we will refund your booking fee).

4. Cancellation within 1 month of the even will incur a full payment of the account unless there is a waitlist booking that can take your place (in which case we will refund your booking fee).