Wing Foiling Week

Host location:
Wing Foiling Week
7 days
Start Time:
01 July 2024
Finish Time:
31 August 2024

Embark on a Round the World Sailing boat with our Wing Foiling Week.

This year, we're introducing themed weeks, and one is exclusively crafted for wingfoilers of all levels. Whether you're a beginner or have your own gear, everyone is welcome. We can provide training equipment or feel free to bring your own.

No wind? No problem. Our 25 hp tender, which successfully taught many—including ourselves—how to foil four years ago, ensures the fun never stops. Join us for downwind rides where we drop gear on a windward beach, sail the boat downwind, and let you drift with assistance from our tender if needed. Our tailored approach caters to groups of similar or mixed levels, ensuring everyone maximizes their water time.

Being on a sailboat 24/7 offers a unique advantage, providing access to places unreachable by car. Enjoy the serenity of a perfect flat spot to yourself, take a break, and relax in a hammock on deck while your gear is ready for the next adventure.

Meet Captain Ben, a passionate water and wind enthusiast with a love for foils, kites, and wing
surfboards. His expertise ensures the selection of ideal spots for activities and accurate forecasts.

Our boat is well-equipped with ample storage for advanced riders bringing Sups, kites, and more. Contact us to ensure your kit seamlessly fits into the experience. Join us for an unforgettable sailing and wingfoiling journey.

Master the art of pumping unlimited launches , how long can your legs go ?

Foiling equipment from GoFoil
High and medium aspect wings 2 sizes each 
Medium and Small Stab 
90cm carbon mast 
60cm carbon mast 
115L inflatable beginner/lightwind board 
85L carbon advanced/strongwind board 
5m reeding superwing
4m eleveight wing