Barcelona, Spain to Venice, Italy

1400 nm
Start Time:
08 April 2024
Finish Time:
22 April 2024
Availability: 4 to 6 places, 1 booked, 3 available

📍 Coastal Wonders: Sail through routes that uncover hidden gems and lively ports. Dive into local flavors and make friends with sea-loving souls.

📍 The Wind will pick the route :  The Med being the Med in April, we can be sure to have all sorts of wind directions and have got a few routes to chose from so we'll adjust the route as we go . 
We ran a routing for a random day, each model has got us going different side of Sardinia and Sicily. Unless severe weather we will most likely go South of Sardinia North of Sicily via Messina Strait with a pit stop in Palermo. 

Mile Building, No Stress:

🌬️ Weather Challenges: Brace yourself for winds and turns, making every day a new adventure. With 7 days to sail and 7 days to spare on  schedule, we've got time for detours and waiting out storms.

🌊 Safety First: Dive into boat prep and safety drills – on deck and off. Keeping both crew and boat shipshape for whatever the sea throws our way.

😴 Smart Napping: Sleep's important, and we get it. Our watch system lets you catch z's, with 3-hour shifts at night and 4-hour rest during the day.

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