Morocco to La Trinité, France passage 2023

La Trinite
Start Time:
20 June 2023
Finish Time:
27 June 2023
Availability: 6 places, 1 booked, 5 available



Sail the seas in style and adventure with our non-stop offshore sailing experience aboard a Swan 65 from Casablanca, Morocco to La Trinité-sur-Mer across the Bay of Biscay. Enjoy a journey unlike any other as you set sail on a top-of-the-line yacht, fully equipped with all the latest safety and navigation gear. Our experienced skipper and crew will guide you through the open waters, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience. Join us for an unforgettable boat delivery and make memories that will last a lifetime! Book your spot today!

Eve will start her voyage from Casablanca, Morocco on the 20th June 2023, and sail 1500nm across the bay of Biscay, through the Atlantic , and towards La trinité Sur-mer for an arrival on the 28th June 2023.


  • 19th June 2023- Arrive in Casablanca and join Eve at 16:00 to drop off your bags and have dinner ashore meeting the crew.
  • 20th June 2023- Complete a full days briefing and boat introduction.
  • 21st June 2023- SET SAIL! departure from Casablanca (weather dependant).
  • 21st - 28th June 2023 - We will be spending this time sailing, on watch rotations, enjoying the sunrises and sunsets that come with passage making.
  • 28th June 2023 - The Crew say their goodbyes and everyone will have to be off the boat by MIDDAY in la Trinité and be ready to make way towards their next adventure!


If you are worried about getting to and from the boat, don’t be! Closer to date we will let you know exactly what marina we are birthed in and we are always a phone call away if you get lost.

There is an airport on all the main islands we will stop at, so you might want to plan your air travel from our departure location in advance before setting sail.

  • Mohammed V International Airport IATA: CMN, ICAO: GMMN is an international airport serving Casablanca, Morocco. 
  • The closest airport to La Trinité-sur-Mer is Lorient South Brittany Airport (LRT). Distance from Lorient South Brittany Airport to La Trinité-sur-Mer is 22.6 miles / 36.3 kilometers.

Eve also has a fabulous tender which we will use to get to and from the boat when we arrive in places which are a little more remote.


In order to secure your spot on board Eve we will ask you for a 50% deposit, no matter what event your are partaking in, whether that be cruising, racing or participating in passages. We will then ask for the rest of your invoice to be paid off 3 weeks, at the latest, prior to your departure.


If you have any questions or queries don’t hesitate to get in touch. Email us at or you can call VIA WHATSAPP +61 407009603 or call +33 751189948 and talk to our Eve Crew directly!